The Tactical Athlete


Develop greater perceptual speed, dynamic footwork, functional agility, and other transferable skills. The Radius Athlete™ program uses training methods like no other to develop game changing advantages.


A strategic advantage. If you’re looking for training methods to challenge your performance levels and give you a strategic advantage, the Radius Athlete module will deliver.

The core methods. Based on Pekiti-Tirsia (SMF) tactical training methods, the system develops dynamic, multidirectional footwork, agility and conditioning for athletic prowess. The perceptual speed and proprioception abilities that Pekiti-Tirsia (SMF) develops are built at a dynamic rate giving you time-critical and decision-making skill advantages – validated through years of combat as well as recognized by top athletes.

Fast, functional development. Focusing on the how and why of training, mental and dynamic physical training methods (and tactics) are structured progressively to develop universal athletic attributes as fast as possible.

At the same time, the unique training methods offer greater explosiveness, speed and endurance – useful for anyone. 

Collaboration. We also collaborate with trainers with that have specializations in strength, conditioning, and other modalities to develop well-rounded athletic performance. Whether you play individual or team sports, you'll become a dynamic tactical athlete.


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